4 reasons to consider using Sean Boon at your restaurant.


1. Adding value to the dining experience.

   Hosting your own resident entertainment is a great selling point for groups of patrons who may not have previously considered your venue for their next function.


2. Staff get more tips

   Happy customers give larger tips,  large tips mean happy staff and that means a lower need for recruiting new members. They’re more likely to stay and customers are more likely to return.


3. Free advertising.

   Happy customers not only return to your restaurant because they had a great time, but they also tell their friends! Better still, they bring them next time


4. Reduce waiting times

   Ok, I wont be helping out in the kitchen but sometimes food orders don’t always go to plan. Or the customer didn’t quite like how the steak was cooked. Maybe you’re just so busy that there are no tables available. By hiring a magician that interacts with your customers at those crucial moments helps to make the wait feel shorter because your guests are too busy enjoying themselves.


   Hiring Sean Boon guarantees FREE advertising. If I’m booked to perform at your restaurant I’ll be wanting to tell the world about it. Twitter, local news sites, Facebook and more.


Discounted rates for a series of repeat bookings (subject to terms)