I first fell in love with magic in the late 70s when The Paul Daniels Magic Show was regular primetime viewing.

  I received the magic set as a child and attempted to learn to perform just like those I'd seen on TV.


 Being slight frame I found a lot of the manipulation incredibly difficult and the magic set soon found its way to the back of the shelves.


  I became far more fascinated with people like Uri Geller who could apparently read minds and move objects with their mind.

So later in life I decided to pursue the genres of magic that seemed to not use any sleight of hand. Studying hypnosis,suggestion, con artist tricks as well as keeping magic as a performance in mind.


  It took a long time, but now I believe that I have successfully combined the arts to create magical entertainment that is modern,sophisticated and meets the needs of todays demanding audiences.


  I have found that by using principles of psychology,performance,magic and con artistry that I have produced a unique act that you'll be keen to use at your event.


I'm now at a point where I'm being asked to appear on shows such as Britains Got Talent, and was asked by Jonathan Ross to appear on his co-hosted show Penn & Tellers Fool Us.

All of which I have declined so far, to enable professional performance at your events and not just reserved for TV.



This is not rabbits out of hats !